Each year, over 850 people donate their time and talents with us. We continuously need skilled, handy and general volunteers to help with our efforts. Spread the word. Invite a family member, co-worker or friend!

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Be sure to view the Safety When Volunteering PDF before completing the following volunteer form.

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If you are under 18 you will need to complete a Parental Permission form.

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Safety is our No. 1 priority! Remember that many of our homeowners are elderly with vision and mobility limitations. They are more likely than we are to trip over scraps of lumber, hurt themselves lifting trash bags or moving furniture. If for some reason something is left undone when you leave, please make sure the homeowner is aware of this.

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In case of an emergency, please provide a contact for us to call.

Volunteer Agreement and Release from Liability

Voluntary Participation I acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied to assist in a Rebuilding Together Fox Valley (RTFV) Home Repair Project ("Project") or services to support such projects, in which homes of disadvantaged persons are repaired and rehabilitated. As a volunteer, I am covered by RTFV general liability/volunteer accident coverage as secondary insurance only. I understand I will not be paid for my services and that I am not eligible for any Workers Compensation benefits. I further agree that my participation as a volunteer may be terminated at any time by RTFV Board of Directors, Staff or myself.

Assumption of Risk I am aware that, by participating in RTFV as a volunteer, I may be exposed to personal injury or damage to my property as a result of my activities, the activities of other volunteers, or the conditions under which my volunteer services are performed. With knowledge of these dangers, I agree to accept any and all risks of injury, death or damage to my property.

Release In consideration of the opportunity afforded me to participate with RTFV, I hereby agree that I, my assignees, heirs, guardians and legal representatives, will not make a claim against RTFV, or any of its affiliated organizations, their officers or directors, or the supplier of any materials or equipment that is used by the organization, or any of the volunteer workers, for injury, damage or death resulting from the negligent acts or omissions of any person or entity, however caused, arising from my participation, provided, however, that the loss or damage was not caused by an act or omission that was reckless, wanton, intentional, or grossly negligent. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I hereby waive and release any rights, actions or causes of action resulting from personal injury or death to me, or damage to my property, sustained in connection with my participation as a volunteer.

Publicity I give my consent to the unrestricted use by RTFV and/or any person authorized by them of any photographs, recordings, interviews, or videotapes of me for publicity and promotional purposes. I authorize RTFV to reproduce, copy, publish, or distribute such materials. I also give my consent and release RTFV, their agents and assigns from any liability for violation of any personal materials and waive any right to approve written or narrative materials. These photographs and materials are the property of RTFV.

Using personal vehicles for RTFV business RTFV volunteer insurance excludes non-owned auto liability coverage. If designated or assigned driving duties by RTFV, I accept the responsibility for having a valid driver's license and personal auto liability insurance with a limit of $300,000 or greater. Upon request, RTFV reserves the right to ask for documentation to confirm a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and favorable driving record.

Confidentiality While volunteering with RTFV, I may be exposed to privileged information about volunteers or homeowner participants. I agree to keep all RTFV information confidential to protect privacy and not share any information outside the bounds of RTFV unless specifically authorized to do so.

Age Requirement By signing this agreement, I certify that I am eighteen years of age or older, or if not of full legal age, that I am at least 14 years of age, and have my Parental/Guardian consent to participate. All considerations as listed in 1-6 above applies.

Voluntary Execution I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between me and RTFV, and sign it of my own free will. This Agreement is valid for (2) years from date this form is sumbitted, or is revised.

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