Friday, October 8, 2021, 5:30-8:30pm

"The 513", 513 W. College, Appleton

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Supporting our vision of "Safe Homes and Communities for Everyone", the [Re]vitalize Gala is a fun event with a Monopoly theme.

Through the event, we raise funds to make homes safer and healthier for income-qualified homeowners. 

There is no cost to the income-qualified homeowners, who are primarily older adults, persons with a disability, and veterans, for the home modifications and repairs provided.

We'd like to thank the following sponsors:

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Buy Property and Houses to put onto the Lifesize [Re]Buildopoly Board!
Houses can be purchased prior to the event and at the event. The majority of property is purchased by sponsors prior to the event. 

Buy Door Keys and Houses at the Bank

Buy the Winning Door Key and Open one of Three Major Prizes
Win Prizes from the Community Chest
Take a Chance and Draw a Card
Take your Picture with Mr. Monopoly and Jailbird Jake. Shown here with the Monopoly characters are our Board President and Vice-President.
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