Rebuilding Together Fox Valley Volunteer Wellness Policy Guidelines



Rebuilding Together Fox Valley (RTFV) prioritizes the health and safety of homeowners, contractors, volunteers, and staff.  With the spread of the coronavirus or “COVID-19,” we all must remain vigilant in mitigating the outbreak and protecting one another. 


In order to be safe and maintain operations, we have developed the wellness policies outlined below to be implemented throughout the organization and at all of our work sites. RTFV has also developed COVID-19 Exposure Prevention Policies for Contractors, which are available upon request. RTFV will seek to follow all applicable and relevant government recommendations and may update the above policies at any time.


I understand that I will need to sign and return a copy of this notice in order for to perform volunteer activities for RTFV. In addition please note:


• RTFV will suspend all home repair activities unless the homeowner has given express written consent for those activities to continue. 


• Homeowners authorizing home repairs are releasing RTFV, its contractors, its volunteers, its directors, and officers from any liability or claims that may arise from exposure to pathogens due to home repair activities. 


• Volunteers will notify RTFV immediately if they or any other resident at their home has tested positive or has been in contact with someone that tested positive for COVID-19. 


• RTFV staff, volunteers, and contractors will try to avoid physical contact with homeowners to the maximum extent possible. 


  • Conversations with homeowners will be limited to electronic or phone conversations to the extent possible.

  • Homeowner agrees to stay six feet away from any RTFV representatives (volunteers, staff, or contractors) performing repairs on the home, in a separate room from repairs being made when possible.

  • Homeowner agrees to wear a face mask when RTFV representative are on site.  If homeowner does not have one RTFV will provide.

  • Volunteers agree to use the provided porta potty and hand sinks instead of homeowner facilities

  • Volunteer agrees to wear gloves and face masks at all time when on the homeowner’s property

  • Volunteers agrees to check in with volunteer coordinator before beginning repair to have temperature taken.  If temperature is normal the volunteer may begin work as long as the other requirements are met.  If temperature is elevated volunteer will be sent home and this will be reported to the House Captain immediately.

  • Volunteers agrees to sanitize all tools after use in sanitation area provided

  • Volunteers agree to only use sanitized tools from the area provided