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             Delore's Story

Delores Before.jpg
Delores After.jpg

Meet Delores, a local homeowner who has lived in her Appleton home for over 63 years. At age 93, she is still living independently in her home and plans to do so for as long as she can. She reached out to Rebuilding Together Fox Valley (RTFV) for assistance in replacing the unsafe steps leading to her porch. Not only were they unsafe for her, but also for her mailman and family members.

With the assistance of RTFV and some very skilled volunteers, she now has safe steps that can be used by her and those who visit! She can often be seen sitting out on her front porch enjoying the day, welcoming guests, and waving to those passing by who know her.

Her steps were completed during our March Second Saturday project where, with the assistance of volunteers, we “Change a Life Before Lunch.” This was a special project as it was completed by a family who has been supporting RTFV for three generations.

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