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How We Do Our Work

This page contains helpful videos on how we complete our home modifications and repairs, so anyone can do so in a safe manner. If you are not comfortable using a tool demonstrated in one of the videos, or do not have the safety equipment illustrated, you should not attempt to complete the modification or repair.
Rebuilding Together Fox Valley is not responsible for any modification or repair attempted outside of our approved projects, you are completing these at your own risk and expense. 
Replace a toilet flapper:
Replace or install a toilet:
Toilet Seat Riser.png
Install toilet seat risers with and without handles:
Handheld Shower.png
Install a handheld shower head:
Non-Slip Treads 1.png
Non-Slip Treads 2.png
Install non-slip treads on shower floor:
Using snap toggle hollow wall anchor:

Using stud and snap toggle in tile:
Replace a bathroom sink faucet:
Replace a kitchen sink faucet:
Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors:
Provide Class ABC fire extinguisher:
Rigid Dryer Vent.png
Replace dryer vent with metal ducting and seal exposed ducting: 
Lever Handle.png
Repair/replace locks on exterior doors and replace doorknobs with levers:
Installing handrail on stairway:

Wisconsin building code to check your handrail and stair specifications:
Plug in night lights or add stick up lights for areas with no light fixtures
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