Statement of Our Services, Initiatives, and Terminology



  • Safe and Healthy Home Modifications and Repairs

    • Improve accessibility to the home

    • Direct water away from the foundation

    • Seal gaps and cracks on exterior walls​

    • Increase fire safety 

    • Improve bathroom safety

    • Install grab bars and stair rails

    • Eliminate trip hazards

    • Correct plumbing leaks



  • Safe and Healthy Housing - Our year-round program providing home safety modifications and repairs to create a safe and accessible home. Safe and Healthy Housing is the cornerstone of our work and utilizes a 25-point health and safety checklist developed by HUD and the National Center of Healthy Housing to guide our work. A home assessment is completed, determining the health hazards that exist in the home. A scope of work is created to define what Rebuilding Together Fox Valley can modify and/or repair for the homeowners, at no cost to them. If there are modifications and repairs outside of the ability of Rebuilding Together Fox Valley, we will provide a list of funding sources the homeowner can seek additional support through.

    • Second Saturdays – Volunteers gather the second Saturday of each month at 8:00 am and work to complete home modifications and repairs on a number of homes. Volunteers “change a life before lunch” and complete their projects before noon. This initiative is a popular method to give back to the community while still enjoying weekend activities.

    • Building a Healthy Neighborhood (BaHN) – Building a Healthy Neighborhood is a focused effort of Safe and Healthy Housing in a defined neighborhood association, while also fostering social connectedness, training skilled volunteers, and improving the safety of the neighborhood. Our current BaHN focuses efforts in the West Appleton Neighborhood for a period of three years. 

    • National Rebuilding Day (NRD) – National Rebuilding Day is our largest impact event, bringing together over 200 volunteers each year to make hundreds of home modifications and repairs in over a dozen homes. Businesses and volunteer groups sponsor and volunteer to complete modifications and repairs.

    • Individual Projects – Businesses, volunteer groups, or faith-based organizations sponsor a project with Rebuilding Together Fox Valley throughout the year, utilizing the opportunity to complete home modifications and repairs as a way to give back to the community while building team cohesion.

  • Fall Prevention – Falls among older adults are the leading cause of death in Wisconsin, and the number of adults turning 65 will multiply exponentially over the coming decades. The Fall Prevention initiative installs grab bars, adds night lights, installs handrails, and provides tub-transfer benches to help older adults age in place in homes they own.

  • Community Strong - The Community Strong initiative gives local non-profit community organizations the opportunity to apply for modification and repair services through Rebuilding Together Fox Valley. The Community Strong initiative aims to cultivate the spirit of volunteerism and community support; the initiative is dedicated not only to the improvement of individual lives but also to the improvement of the quality of life for all in the Fox Valley.



Instead of saying…                                          Say…

Poor, low-income                                             Income qualified

Elderly, senior citizen, old people                  Older adults

Handicapped, disabled                                   Persons with a disability


  • Rebuilding Together Fox Valley provides critical home modifications and repairs to income-qualified homeowners in four Wisconsin counties.

    • Modification: adapts living spaces to increase usage, safety, security, and independence

    • Repair: fixes a broken home element

  • Our primary focus is older adults, veterans, and persons with a disability, who are income-qualified.

  • Our services are intended to make homes safer and healthier and are not intended to be cosmetic in nature.

  • We are unable to complete work on garages/exterior buildings or rental units.

  • For manufactured homes, we only complete fire safety installations.

  • OUR VISION: Safe homes and communities for everyone.

  • OUR MISSION: Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives.


    • Volunteers complete home modifications and repairs

    • Grants, corporate sponsors, foundations, and individuals help fund our work

    • Donations of materials (gifts-in-kind) and skilled labor increase our impact

    • Gifts to the endowment support initiatives in perpetuity

    • Gift planning: Configuration of charitable gifts to maximize benefits for donor and RTFV